Innovation and upgrading is a long-term national policy and a strategic support for building a modernized national economic system. We fully consentrate in industrial upgrading, espacially in area of "import substitution" and "labor substitution". We focus on the industry leading enterprises featuring "smart & connectivity" in the advanced manufacturing industry, they have below characteristics:

- Obvious technology advantages in China, and the technology and products have been verified by world-leading enterprises in the industry

- Rapidly growing local market demand or international market demand, and a clear large market demand scale

- Completed technical preparation for large-scale production, and in the early stage of rapid commercial growth;

- Clear and feasible business development strategies and growth plans, in line with national industrial policies and investment orientation;

- Excellent management team.

By above strategy, we strive to follow the industrial chain in the focus area and conduct strategic layout systematicly, so as to achieve the best synergies among the invested enterprises, which not only provide the invested enterprises with broader business development space, but also provide more choices for the investment exit.